Made progress today. Updated to the latest version of Blender (my 3D modeling tool of choice) because I read that it supported exporting directly to the GLTF format, which is what BabylonJS uses. That fixed a lot of weird issues I was seeing when trying to import 3D models from older versions of Ladon.

Its cool to see some actual 3D models in the game, but it reminds me just how far I have to go before it starts to look as impressive as the old Unreal version:

I also experimented with some “quad-tree” space partitioning algorithms, but didn’t really see much performance gain. In fact, they actually slow things down. All of the implementations that I found require you to completely rebuild the entire tree on every frame. So I’m not sure how that would ever be any faster than just testing every object for a collision. I imagine that if you had thousands of objects that could all potentially collide with each other, there might be a big gain, since you’d have to do N2 tests. But in Ladon, most things don’t collide with each other. The enemies’ bullets can’t collide with other bullets, for example — they can only collide with the player.

Here’s today’s build. The only controls for now are W/A/S/D to move.

And I am keeping the latest development build here:

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