Time to Build

At long last, ship building is a reality in Ladon. We’ve got a legitimate ship building screen. It’s very minimalist at the moment. The currently selected tile is shown to the left and the spots where that tile can be placed are shown as the glowing hexagons around the ship. Different tiles have different restrictions about where they can connect. In general, the most expensive and hard-to-craft tiles will have the most attachment points.


It’s painfully apparent in these screenshots that some of our tiles need to look better!  Josh is hard at work on those models at this very moment.  In fact, most of them are already done and just waiting for a retopology pass to bring their triangle counts down to reasonable levels for use in-game.


The screen’s function is very basic for now.  You can rotate the ship around, tilt it up and down, cycle through the available tiles, and point and click with the mouse to place them.  The finished version will need a modeled background — we’re going to give it a “war room” look, with the ship build displayed as a hologram hovering above a futuristic table/screen/projector thing.  This will also be the place where you craft new tiles.  You’ll have to use all those materials you’ve collected to satisfy a recipe (we’re thinking of calling them “scripts” or “programs” or maybe “algorithms,” what do you guys think?) to create a new tile, then add it to your ship.

Gameplay footage will be coming soon!  The game also has a logo, finally.  Watch for it in the next video.

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