The Six Months of Ladon

I haven’t posted anything since “The Thirty Days of Ladon,” which was a few months ago. That thirty-day challenge went so well and resulted in so much progress that I really started to feel like this is a project I could finish.

I’ve spent a lot of time since then thinking about that effort. I built a Trello board and filled it in with everything I can think of that needs to be done, from code to art to sound to music to marketing. It looks like a mountain of work, but I believe, somehow, that I can get it done in six months – and I’m giving myself a hard deadline of exactly six months. If the list of things to do adds up to more than I can do in that time, then the list has to be reduced.

The thing for me to decide now is when to start. And to “start” means that Ladon will be my full-time job for those six months. I haven’t picked the exact date but I know it will be soon.

Besides doing a lot of planning, I also got some new features added to the game. I learned how shaders work in BabylonJS, created some custom materials and a glow effect, and added a full-screen button to the options menu.

Check out version here.

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