The Ladon Device

What’s this game all about, anyway?

The 11th Labor of Hercules, Photo: Luis García

It’s called “The Ladon Device.”  The name “Ladon” comes from Greek Mythology.  Ladon was a dragon with a hundred heads that guarded a tree of golden apples.  Details about Ladon are hard to find, and that’s what I like most about him.  I considered a lot of potential names and this was the one that stuck.

The game isn’t set in ancient Greece.  In fact, it’s a futuristic setting where the player will battle alien machines sent to destroy the Earth!  The story does tie back to Greek mythology.  This is the origin of the “device” itself.  The device is a piece of alien technology that mankind will ultimately use to defend itself from extinction.

Yes, I know, it’s all a big tease.  Well, come on, you don’t want to read the last page of the mystery novel first, do you?  The actual story will be told through the game.  Finishing a level will reveal another page or two.  The primary reward for finishing the “story mode” of the game will be getting to read the entire story.  Another reason I can’t go into too much detail about the story right here and now is that it isn’t complete.  Ladon is still very much under development.  The story is mostly written, but the artwork has barely begun.

What I can say now is that the gameplay borrows from several different genres.  It is definitely not a first-person-shooter.  While it’s hard to deny that the FPS has defined the modern era of gaming, I also feel that it has been done to death.  Ladon will have the feel of some of the oldest video games around, but with some very modern updates.  In the end, we want it to be both cutting-edge and “retro,” in a sense.  More importantly, we just want it to be fun.

It’s going to be a challenging game to make, but we’re putting everything we’ve got into it.  Stay tuned!

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    1. It’s hard to argue with the success of the FPS. Money talks, and FPS games rake in billions. FPS and sports pretty much dominate the top ten games sold every year. Ladon’s first target platform is the PC, though, where there seems to be more room for unique and creative games. I seek out those games that don’t fit the mold, like Minecraft, and I hope Ladon finds its niche in that type of audience.

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