The Beginnings of an Upgrade System

One of the core features of Ladon is the ability for the player to build a better and better ship. Until now, the only way to do that was by adding new tiles. I found that this type of “upgrade” is too coarse. If you start with one laser and the first upgrade you can make is to build a second one, that’s a 100% increase in firepower. It needs to be more gradual in the early stages, and more drastic in the later stages. An exponential curve does exactly that.

So, I’ve added the ability to upgrade each tile, in addition to building whole new ones. Each upgrade increases the tile’s output by 20% for now. This is slow at first but grows out of control after a few dozen levels. Adding new tiles just gives the player linear growth, so now there’s an element of reward for choosing “delayed gratification” over instant gratification. But since everything is still free because I haven’t worked out a reasonable progression of resources required for upgrading, it doesn’t feel like much of a difficult choice yet!

There are only seven levels because I’m lazy and only picked seven different colors for the beams. I expect to eventually have maybe sixty or so. Try it out on the releases page. But note that if you upgrade past the seventh level, it will crash. Sorry. I’ll deal with that in the next release…

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