So Many Options

I got a very basic save/load functionality working. This was a big milestone. It currently only saves the resources you’ve collected and your ship tiles (which you can’t change anyway!), but it’s a simple approach that should scale easily to save whatever data I decide is worth saving.

I was overthinking the whole concept, as I always do, and I had to take a step back and talk it over. Kari had a really smart suggestion. I don’t need to save every tiny detail of the game — the position of every bullet, for example. Instead, I can have the player only save at certain points. The game could include some kind of “checkpoint” where progress is automatically saved, or maybe you could be required to return to some space station in order to save. I like this idea because maybe that’s also where ship building is done.

Once I accepted the idea of only saving the things that really matter, like how many resources you’ve gathered and what tiles you’ve built, saving and loading the game’s state obviously became a lot easier.

There’s only one save-game slot, so all you can do is load, save, or clear. Eventually, I’d like to have multiple slots with a menu, as well as the ability to “export” and “import” your save-game so that you can move to a different device.

Give it a try over on the releases page. I felt like this was a big enough milestone to bump it up to version

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