Ship Model

A lot has happened since the last blog post at the beginning of this year.  The game has progressed to the point where there is actual gameplay.  We’ve got a YouTube channel and a first video!

The quality of the video is pretty terrible, sorry.  We’ll be making them in full HD from here on out.

Better yet, Josh has finished modeling the first handful of ship-building tiles.  The ship you see in the header image of this post is an example of what the player can build.  Hubba hubba.  Flying that around will be more entertaining than the silly little placeholder tiles that I threw together.  The difference between game art made by a programmer and game art made by an actual artist is pretty easy to spot!

Just for kicks, here’s another way you might build your first ship:

Ship prototype (L-class)

Same tiles, just in a different configuration.

We’ve also filmed our Kickstarter video.  There’s still a ton of editing to do, but we’ll announce an official date very soon.  Keep an eye on us, as we’ll be posting a lot more frequently leading up to the launch.

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