Meet the Music!

We are thrilled to announce today that The Ladon Device will feature the music of Culture Prophet!  Culture Prophet is the electronic brainchild of Michael Barksdale and has a sound that we think is a perfect accompaniment for smashing through waves of alien death machines.

You might catch a few more new things in the video, like the vertical movement as the player moves through the layers.  We’re working to keep the true action of the game two dimensional, while allowing movement on that third axis as a way to give the world some depth.  We want it to feel like each layer of tiles is a kind of mini-level within each actual level.  The general flow of a level will be battling on the top, building up enough firepower to smash through the ground to a lower level, and then battling tougher enemies down there.  The further down you go, though, the nastier the surprises will be.

In the meantime, have some more electro-pop goodness.

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