Less Terrible Video

We’re getting the hang of recording, editing, and uploading videos to YouTube.  This one is HD 720p and has a little audio to help it be less boring.

The thing worth noticing in this video is the “mining.”  The player battles an enemy but also blows up some poor, defenseless background tiles.  They absolutely had it coming, though.

This is how you gather resources in Ladon.  Those tiles are  made of materials that you’ll need to build bigger and better weapons.  We want the mining to feel fluid within the gameplay, as opposed to forcing the player to constantly switch modes.  The smoothest, most natural mechanic we’ve found is to have the weapons automatically aim down when there are no enemies present.  If an enemy does sneak up on you while you’re mining, you’ll know because your shots will suddenly stop hitting the ground and your crosshair will change color/shape.  You can see this happen in the video.

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