Kickstarter: 11/11

The Ladon Device is finally going to make its debut on Kickstarter on November 11th at 11:00 AM.  We’ve been working very long hours leading up to this.  The game’s visuals are at the level we’ve wanted from the beginning, we have amazing vocal talent already recording story elements, Garrett‘s art is looking beautiful as Josh syncs it up with the narration, and the music we have to work with is way beyond what we had hoped for.

Gameplay, CombatWe’re just working out the final details, like backer rewards, stretch goals, and Ansel is finalizing the look of the Kickstarter page itself.  We’ve even got a special guest voice-over appearance in our video by Isaac C. Singleton Jr. — Celebrity alert!

Excuse me for being sentimental, but seeing all this come together like magic in these last few days is something I feel like I should pause to say thanks for.  Just over a year ago, I chose to strike out on my own and do what I always wanted to do, with barely any idea how I would go about it.  Right now, today, that risky choice has turned into something real — a little mark in the history book of video games.

Gameplay, Ship BuildingThis simply wouldn’t have happened without the people whom I’ve met along the way.

So, as we get ready to share this project with the world, I want to personally thank:  Ansel Brown, Garrett Brown, Joshua May, Nicole Greene, Taylor May, Stephen May, Lindsey Heilmann, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., Michael Barksdale, Daniel Washburn, Flor Frances, Hannah Charneskie, Lee Perry, Dave Hagewood, Kevin Mason at Intensity Media, David Poindexter, Nvisionative, Eva Smith, Sarah Smalley, the staff at The Pour House, my family and friends who have been continuously spreading the word about this game even though many of them don’t play video games (especially you, Mom!), every single person that has clicked a thumbs-up button on one of our posts, and the Steam Greenlight community for voting to see this project become a reality.Gameplay, Mining

Thank you, sincerely.  My goal for this project, now, is to finish what we’ve started together.

If you’d like to help us keep this momentum going, please spread the word to anyone you know who likes video games to watch for us on the eleventh.  The link to the Kickstarter project will be posted right here is right here!

Thanks again, and we hope to see you all on 11/11.

Edit:  We’ve decided to start the campaign five minutes late, at 11:05, as a symbolic moment of silence in honor of Veterans Day.

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