I added very simple drops to the game today. Destroying a rock spawns a few smaller objects. They don’t do much right now, other than drift through space, but these will become the resources that you’ll use to build a better ship.

My girlfriend and I watched a TED Talk today that was about taking 30 days to try something new. The speaker wrote a novel by spending a few hours each day, for 30 days, writing. Kari challenged me to work on Ladon every day for the next 30 days and I accepted.

I’ve been adding two links to the end of every post recently — one that says “latest version” and one link specifically to the version talked about in that particular post. I’ve been doing this because I’m saving every single version of Ladon along the way. I thought it might be an interesting experiment, or that it might inspire someone to see a game go from absolutely nothing to something. Now that there are quite a few old versions, I’ve created a “Releases” page to list them all.

Check out version and all the other versions here.

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