Back Again, All New Again

I had to take another really long break from working on Ladon. But, for the moment, I’ve got time, motivation, and the opportunity to get back to work. So let’s go, once again.

Ladon has used more different game engines that I can remember. And the world of game development has changed a lot while I’ve been away. As I was brushing the dust off the old source code, I discovered something pretty amazing. There are now some very full-featured game engines that run right inside your web browser. No downloads, no installation, no concern about whether it runs on a Mac or a PC. Just click the link and start playing, which is amazing. And maybe the biggest advantage is that web browsers already handle a lot of the heavy lifting — such as playing audio and video, responding to keyboard and mouse inputs, and (obviously) displaying text and images.

The one I’m using is BabylonJS. It’s pretty impressive. I’ve already found it easier to do some fairly complex things than it was in Unreal Engine. Unreal is great, but it’s just too cumbersome sometimes. Babylon is a breath of fresh air. Now all I have to do is convert the last ten years of code from C++ over to JavaScript and WebAssembly. Piece of cake.

What I’m thinking is that this space will become less of a blog and more of a “release notes” kind of thing. Since all I have to do now is press the “upload” button in my IDE, I can release something new every day, or even multiple times a day.

So, here’s the very first pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha release of Ladon in BabylonJs. In this release:


  • Got a simple render loop running, camera, lights
  • Can load meshes from file
  • Handling keyboard input
  • Simple collision detection (no space partitioning yet so not efficient)
  • Can load code from WebAssembly module
  • Did some basic performance testing

Just for fun, that link will always go to that one specific version. I plan to keep all the old versions as a kind of living history of the development as it happened. Each blog post will have a link to that version. I’ll eventually pick a simple link (probably something like, but don’t quote me on that just yet) where you can always play the latest and greatest version.

Thanks for stopping by again. It has been a really long road — literally a decade — and I feel like I’m just getting started.

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