Abuse of Power

We’ve got beams!  Beams are the latest addition to the weapon lineup.  They’re a nice contrast to the standard projectile stuff.  They also have a huge advantage in that they hit the target immediately.  With projectile weapons, you have to lead your target carefully.  Beams are pure point-and-click destruction.

I threw in an option to allow the tester to change the beams’ strength, just to see how it would look.  Josh is playing in the video and he clearly abuses this power.  They say that power corrupts.

Really, though, that sense of outrageously overpowered weapons is one of the joys of shoot-em-ups, in my opinion.  It’s best when you have to work hard to earn it, though.  Leveling up your ship to the point where it can handle really nasty boss battles is rewarding, but taking all that firepower back to an easy level and wreaking havoc is sometimes even better.  It’s kind of a cheap thrill, and it feels a little bit like payback for all the really difficult levels the game has put you through.

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