Ansel Brown joins Level 17 as a seasoned Marketing and Branding executive with years of experience helping clients such as Baskin-Robbins, M&M-Mars, and Family Dollar Stores with product launches and branding initiatives.  He’s developed marketing campaigns for tech companies, mom-and-pop businesses, and even Fortune 100 businesses.  Ansel has owned and run several successful advertising and marketing agencies and has a great eye for discovering creative talent within the teams he has built.  Level 17 will benefit from Ansel Brown’s vast branding and marketing experiences.  He is passionate about games and the gaming industry and he relates to the indie gaming community in a unique way — he’s been a successful, national, independent recording artist since 2006.  Ansel has compiled several successful songs and performed for all of the final NASA Space Shuttle Events, so he knows how to make noise and build an audience as an indie artist and he plans on making a lot of noise for Level 17 and indie gamers of all types.  Ansel’s core strengths match well with Level 17’s indie-valued approach to gaming.  Ansel knows the value of placing a high level of talent to any indie project and will find unique and exciting ways to market Level 17’s games to the community of gamers we care about.

“I believe the best brands, as an artist I consider myself a brand, have to connect at a likable level with their customers and fans.  ‘If we build it, they will come,’ just isn’t reality.  We have to engage with and include our customers and fans in what we do as brands.  I believe Level 17 to be that kind of company, we will build games, involve the fans of our games, and listen to our fans as if they are on our team. We aim to excite and invigorate gamers, bring them into our clan so to speak, and make them feel like family.  Our games will reflect our passion for robust game play, deep story lines, and our gamer-centric approach to development that really pursues a relationship with our gamer fans,” Ansel explained.

In addition to his marketing and branding experiences, he is the father of three sons who are all avid gamers.  He’s active in his community with military veterans, children’s hospitals through his Bigger Heart Tour, coaches youth football, and even has a Space Act Agreement with NASA and their “Optimus Prime Spin-Off Awards.”  He strives to help others achieve their goals in both business and life.  Level 17 is sure that his passions to accomplish great things and to do great things for others will translate into doing great things for us and the gamers we want to challenge, interact with, and serve.