I added wormholes, which are currently just a glowy circle that you can touch to travel very far, instantly. These will serve as “levels” in the game. Defeat the boss, a wormhole opens, and you can travel to the next area. But there’s no hard requirement that you have to do it that way. You can just fly from the Earth to the Moon directly if you like. I think it’s cool to have the fully open-world option as a different way to play the game.

Try it out in version

Using a Quartic Equation to Find Parabolic Projectile Paths

That hideous image at the top of this post is the solution to a “quartic” equation. That’s just like the “quadratic formula” that you learned in high school algebra class, except the quartic has x4 in it, instead of just x2. In order to create realistic paths for things that accelerate, I took on the challenge of simplifying that monster down to something useful.

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Procedural Noise that Covers the Entire Solar System

With the foundation essentially done, I’m starting to nail down the specifics of the game, like “Where will all the enemies be?” and “How will the player progress through each level?” The primary tool for level design (to the extent that Ladon even has levels) is procedural noise.

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