Particle Systems

I added some particle systems. BabylonJS makes this really easy. It’s currently just some sparks when the player’s bullets collide with a rock, but I’ll eventually put particles on just about everything because it’s one of the highest “bang for the buck” visual features.

Version here.


I’ve replaced the pure randomness in Ladon with pseudorandomness. If you’ve played it at all before now, you probably noticed that each time you played (or even just refreshed the page) the rocks were in a different place, the colors changed, and the resources you found were completely different. That’s because I was using plain old Math.random() to generate everything, which gives random numbers based on some internal system clock. Now, I’ve replaced that with a pseudorandom algorithm.

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Building with Hexagons that Don’t Look like Hexagons

It’s no secret that the hexagon is the basic building block of pretty much everything in Ladon. The obvious easy choice would have been squares or cubes, but the world doesn’t need another Minecraft lookalike. Hexagons are a little tougher, as far as the math, but I find them a lot more interesting.

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