A Tick System That Doesn’t Suck

Ticks are always difficult to get right. Everything in a game needs to move or animate at the right speed, and you need to know how many “ticks” have elapsed during each render frame in order to do that correctly. Javascript gives you the Date.now() function, which returns the number of milliseconds since Jan 1, 1970, for whatever reason. That’s a start.

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Venturing Into the BabylonJS Community

I’ve been working a lot on Ladon but what I’ve been doing hasn’t gone into the game’s code, yet. I’ve been working on a new text system and discussing it over in the BabylonJS forum. The way I’ve been doing text up to now is just using the BabylonJS GUI controls, which is fine, but not very good for performance. So, I created a way to do efficient text, and I made it 3D. I think it looks clean, and it has almost zero impact on performance, even when updated on every render frame.

I did add a few minor visual updates, performance improvements, and a new graphics option on the menu, though.

Version here.