You Don’t Have Enough Iridium

I added some actual resource types. Now, instead of collecting just generic “resources,” you’ll see things like iron, silicon, and oxygen. I tried to distribute them randomly in a way roughly representing what real asteroids contain. I doubt we know with any accuracy what real asteroids contain, though, since we’ve never actually mined one.

It’s a really fun update, in my opinion. I made the on-screen text a little more helpful, too. If you don’t have enough of a particular resource to build a particular tile, you’ll see that. For now, though, the only type of tile you can build is a turret. More of those coming soon. The very simplistic universe of Ladon is starting to get interesting.

Play the game over on the releases page.


Got some fonts working in BabylonJS. It made me think back to how difficult that was in other engines. I really struggled with it in Unreal. In BabylonJS, you just add the font to the page, just like you would for any other page, and use it. I did add a little extra code just to make sure the font is loaded before everything else. Aside from that, it was easy, like just about everything in BabylonJS.

Play the new version here.

Ship Building

I put in the most basic type of ship building I could imagine. It feels like a huge step forward. When paused, you’ll now see some circles around the ship. Click one to build a new turret there (if you have enough resources). Give it a try on the releases page. It’s fun.


I’m working on the toughest problem I’ve had to solve so far. I’m at the point where I need to be able to save and load the game state. In the process of getting that working, I added the ability to “spawn” a new ship tile dynamically. To demonstrate, I asked Kari what type of ship tile she wanted and she wanted twelve thrusters. I spawned twelve of them, and then she wanted twelve guns…

So, today’s version has Kari’s amazing creation. Enjoy!


Made a very small code change today but it feels like a big deal. I gave each drop some amount of resources proportional to its size. When you pick up a drop, you’ll see your generic “resources” increased by that amount. I’ll be splitting this up into various elements like carbon, silicon, and iron based on some random distribution that’s as close as I can get to what we think real asteroids contain. Then you’ll need varying amounts of those elements to build new ship tiles.

Go gather some resources in version over on the releases page.

So Many Rocks, So Little Time

I changed the rocks so that when you smash them, they don’t just immediately turn into “drops” that you can collect. Instead, they turn into randomly smaller rocks. And you can continue to smash them into smaller rocks until they’re small enough for you to pick up.

This didn’t seem like a big change as I was writing the code, but it turned out to be an important milestone — it’s the first time when I was testing the game that it started to feel fun. Something about the randomness of the pieces of rock flying out into space and chasing after them actually feels like a game.

Check out version over on the releases page.