Ladon Still Exists!

I apologize to anyone following Ladon for not posting anything in a year.  2016 was easily the strangest year I’ve ever experienced.  It was also easily the worst, but the details of it aren’t worth going into.  I’ll just say that I’m happy it’s over.  Life is crazy.

Ladon survived 2016, too, but just by a hair!  There were several times when I doubted that I would have the motivation or even the opportunity to continue the project.  It’s still here, though, and I’m more determined than ever to finish it.  The code is updated to Unreal Engine’s latest release (4.15) and I even invented a new way to do component-based design.  I’ll do a post about that soon.

If you’re one of the handful of readers of this blog, thanks for sticking around and I hope to have some great news to share with you very soon.  Cheers to 2017.