Here Comes 2015

Happy Holidays, everyone!  2014 went by in a blur as we formed Level 17, and we’re charging into 2015 — the year we release our first title.  Exciting times!  As I’m sure you know, 2015 is also the year of many fantastic technological advancements

We’ve spent the holidays switching to a new engine.  The Ladon Device is now officially Unreal.  Moving over from Irrlicht isn’t a walk in the park, but the features of Unreal Engine are worth the trouble.  A shoot-em-up simply must look cool.  The visuals are half the fun of playing a shoot-em-up in the first place.  Unreal Engine packs in just about every visual effect seen in any modern game, from first-person shooters to casual puzzlers.

The image at the top of this post is one of the materials that Josh has been experimenting with.  This is the appearance of the material in Cinema 4D (his modeling software of choice).  It will look almost identical in Unreal Engine, which is a claim that very few game engines can make.  Unreal Engine is pushing game visuals a lot closer to pre-rendered quality.  We’ve come a long way from Parsec.

To give another tease about Ladon’s gameplay, “materials” will play a very large role.  The player will need to collect all sorts of exotic materials in order to build bigger and better components for their ship.  This is how Ladon crosses over the genre divisions.  Mining and crafting elements put the game in the “sandbox” category.  The extensive tree of upgrades that can be crafted border on an RPG-style game.  But the gameplay is shoot-em-up down to the core.

It’s going to be a fun year and a fun game.