A Component-Based System That Isn’t Awful

While bringing Ladon’s code back from the dead, I decided to fix something that has been bugging me from the start.  In fact, it has bugged me in pretty much every OOP project I’ve ever done.  C++ and OOP in general were a revolution in programming that built on top of the traditional “procedural” paradigm.  Instead of endless lines of procedural code that look like this:

Do this!
Do that!
Do this other thing!

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Ladon Still Exists!

I apologize to anyone following Ladon for not posting anything in a year.  2016 was easily the strangest year I’ve ever experienced.  It was also easily the worst, but the details of it aren’t worth going into.  I’ll just say that I’m happy it’s over.  Life is crazy.

Ladon survived 2016, too, but just by a hair!  There were several times when I doubted that I would have the motivation or even the opportunity to continue the project.  It’s still here, though, and I’m more determined than ever to finish it.  The code is updated to Unreal Engine’s latest release (4.15) and I even invented a new way to do component-based design.  I’ll do a post about that soon.

If you’re one of the handful of readers of this blog, thanks for sticking around and I hope to have some great news to share with you very soon.  Cheers to 2017.

Are All Programming Languages Created Equal?

Happy 2016, everyone.

So much work to do!  We’re pretty much rebuilding Ladon from the ground up in the first months of 2016.  I’m excited.

I had a nice conversation this morning with someone interested in learning game programming.  He asked me a good question: “Can all programming languages do the same things?”  That’s a pretty important question and the full, “true” answer probably lies hidden underneath many layers of mathematical theory.  The short answer that I gave him was “Almost.”  I think that’s a fair answer, but I decided to elaborate in a blog post, since the real answer is very complicated and might be interesting to anyone looking to be a programmer.

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Kickstarter: 11/11

The Ladon Device is finally going to make its debut on Kickstarter on November 11th at 11:00 AM.  We’ve been working very long hours leading up to this.  The game’s visuals are at the level we’ve wanted from the beginning, we have amazing vocal talent already recording story elements, Garrett‘s art is looking beautiful as Josh syncs it up with the narration, and the music we have to work with is way beyond what we had hoped for.

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Pretty Projectiles

The “beam” weapons have been hogging the spotlight because they’re just so pretty.  It’s time for the projectile weapons to get some attention!  I spent some time improving their look by making them scale and change color based on damage.  I flew down to a really dark spot to show off the lighting.  I think it’s a big improvement.

I played around with the lighting on the beams, too, and I think they look better.  I’ll capture them in the next video.  The big priority right now is getting those background tiles to look interesting.

Sneak Peak

Work is officially underway on the Kickstarter video.  Josh is putting Garrett‘s story art together and blending it beautifully with layered transitions.  Have a look!

This is the style of what you’ll be watching for the first minute (or so) of the video, as the pilot narrates the story’s exposition.  It’s also how the cut-scenes in the game will look.