Ship Building, Almost

Some captures from the next teaser video…  A teaser for a teaser?

The_Ladon_Device 2015-05-06 15-51-43-53

The_Ladon_Device 2015-05-06 15-52-23-53

The_Ladon_Device 2015-05-06 15-52-43-51

Ship building is slowly becoming a reality.  Today, I added the ability for the player to just add tiles onto the ship wherever they like.  No mining materials is required, for now.  The purpose of this was partly to stress test the engine with lots of tiles and partly just to play around with different sizes and shapes of ships.  Turns out, it’s really fun.  Adding a dozen thrusters and making an unnecessarily fast ship is fun, and so is having fifty lasers.

These big ship builds can look really cool, too.  Just sitting back and watching the game being played is getting more and more entertaining with each new weapon type or particle effect.  At the risk of sounding cocky, it’s starting to look and feel like a true shoot-em-up.

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