Getting Creative

If you’ve been following us at all over the last few months, you’ve seen plenty of flashy effects and explosions.  Today, we’re excited to show something a little different: ship building!

This is a look at our ship building mechanic in its earliest stages.  It’s truly what I’d call “hacked together” at this point.  We’re still not using Josh’s gorgeous tile models, yet, either.  Regardless, we played around with building ships, flying them around, dealing out destruction, and it’s already surprisingly fun.  That’s good news, because it’s the heart and soul of the game.

There are still plenty of flashy effects and explosions.  In fact, there’s a whole new weapon type that sneaked into the game — rockets.  You can see them at various points in the video, homing in on their targets.  Homing rockets have long been a staple of the shoot-em-up arsenal.  They have the huge benefit of always hitting their target (assuming your target isn’t smarter and/or faster than your rockets).

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